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The Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) developed the New Life Card Program with the cooperation of the Michigan Department of Corrections.

The New Life Card is a reputation restoration card that opens doors to education and employment opportunities for people with an arrest or conviction record. By acquiring a New Life Card, candidates make a bold statement about their commitment to restore their relationship with society.



Enroll as a student at CLI. Enrollment includes a short orientation class.

Complete Restorative Justice 101: Restoring Relationships, Transforming Justice.

This class focuses on restoring relationships with people we have offended, using the model of restoration taught by Jesus Christ. At the end of the class, candidates submit a paper describing their commitment to restoring their relationship to society.

Each candidate submits three written endorsements.

The first endorsement is from a pastor or other spiritual advisor who can attest to the candidate’s restoration story.

The second is from a spouse or relationship partner who can attest to the candidate’s commitment to restoring relationships.

The third endorsement comes from a mentor who is familiar with the candidate’s commitment to restoration. Upon successful submission of three written endorsements, candidates receive the New Life Card.

Upon successful submission of three written endorsements, candidates receive the New Life Card.

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Continue Your Studies

Candidates are encouraged to continue taking classes at CLI at no cost. CLI offers numerous award, certificate, and diploma programs in Christian ministry and Christian Enterprise. Students can transfer their coursework to the Christian Leaders College if they seek a bachelors or associates degree. More information about CLI is available at www.christianleadersinstitute.org.


New Life Card Benefits

After the candidate obtains a New Life Card, they can present the card at any of the employers registered with the New Life Card Employer Directory.


Employers in the Directory have expressed a commitment to helping individuals with an arrest or criminal background re-engage with society. Although the New Life Card does not guarantee job placement, it opens doors for the application process to occur without fear of rejection based solely on the criminal or arrest record of the applicant.

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Michigan Department of Corrections

Christian Leaders Institute and Peacefire are thankful for the cooperation and assistance provided by the Michigan Department of Corrections in support of providing educational and employment opportunities for New Life Card candidates and recipients.


Christian Leaders Institute

The Christian Leaders Institute provides free online ministry training and education programs to raise up revival leaders – leaders who will be used of the Lord to inspire others.


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