Next Steps

application and registration steps to get started

Learn how to apply to Christian Leaders Institute and how to register for the Getting Started and New Life Card class.

Steps to Obtaining Your New Life Card:

1. Apply to enter the New Life Card Program by clicking the Enroll Now button below (finish reading these steps before you enroll!)

2. Complete the application and respond to the “select your area of interest” question by selecting New Life Card. This step creates your student account at Christian Leaders Institute.

3. Log-in to your CLI account. From the home page, click on the "All Classes" option in the menu at the top of the page.

4. Select “New Life Track”

5. Enroll in the class titled: Getting Started:Scholar Orientation - New Life Card. This class introduces you to the Christian Leaders Institute and some of the professors at the Institute. There are three short videos that describe the vision of the New Life Card, the purpose of the New Life Card, and the benefits of the New Life Card. Watch all of the Getting Started class videos and other course activities. The total time required to complete the Getting Started class is approximately 2 hours.

6. After you complete the Getting Started class, you can enroll in the New Life Card class. You enroll in this class by selecting “All Courses from the top menu and then select “New Life Card Track.” Then select the New Life Card class.

7. Read the course description and watch the course videos and take the three quizzes. Each quiz requires a passing score of 80%. You can retake each quiz, if necessary. After you complete the video/quiz portion of the class, you will write a 500-1000 word paper describing your restorative justice story. This paper will become your testimony profile that is posted on the Christian Leaders Institute Student Directory.

8. Provide three written endorsements from a pastor, spouse or significant friend, and a mentor or other individual who is familiar with your restoration story. After these endorsements are reviewed and accepted, a fee of $100 becomes due. (Note: there are scholarships available if you are unable to cover the cost of your New Life Card. Contact for scholarship information)

9. You will receive your New Life Card in the mail upon completion of these steps.

Christian Leaders Institute

The Christian Leaders Institute provides free online ministry training and education programs to raise up revival leaders – leaders who will be used of the Lord to inspire others.


Peacefire provides resources and training to help people change the way they respond to conflict.

Donate To The New Life Card:

When a New Life Card applicant qualifies for a New Life Card, there is a $100 processing fee. This fee can be paid by the cardholder or a sponsoring ministry/individual. You can sponsor one or more New Life Card scholarships with your generous donation.