Justice Professionals

A Restorative Tool for Justice Professionals

"The restorative justice movement is grounded in values that promote both accountability and healing for all affected by crime."
Dr. Mark Umbreit
Professor at University of Minnesota

The New Life Program for Justice Professionals

The New Life Card program provides justice professionals – judges, prosecutors, attorneys, correctional professionals, parole/probation professionals, etc. – with tools to administer restorative justice. The New Life Card program targets candidates who are currently on probation/parole or are in the plea negotiation/sentencing phase of their case. We recognize that this tool isn’t for everyone. But for individuals who have a desire to learn, work, and restore their connection to society after serving their sentence, this tool can make a difference.

The New Life Card program provides three opportunities for every participant:

Educational Opportunities

Every candidate enrolled in this program takes a brief online orientation class to become a student at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI).

The orientation course is followed by the New Life Card Class: Restoring Relationships, Restoring Justice. This online class encourages students to re-engage with society by restoring damaged relationships.

Practical steps like making amends and seeking forgiveness are explored. After successful completion of the New Life Card Class, students can pursue additional free academic training at CLI, including the opportunity to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry or Christian enterprise.

Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the New Life Card Class, students submit three written recommendations that attest to their efforts at restoration. If the recommendations are accepted, the student receives a New Life Card.

The New Life Card represents the student’s efforts toward restoration with society. The New Life Card is recognized by employers in the New Life Card Employer Network. The New Life Card connects students with employers willing to help them restore their standing as a citizen.

The New Life Card does not guarantee anyone a job, but it can open doors that lead to employment. There are currently 69 employers in the New Life Card Employer Network.

Mentor/Life-Coaching Opportunities

CLI has a network of mentors available to work with New Life Card program students.

New Life Card students can get connected to this mentor network and, if they desire, receive free training to become a mentor or life coach to others in need of restoration.

CLI graduates who obtain ordination status become members of the Christian Leaders Alliance, a worldwide network of ordained Christian leaders. There are more than 1500 members in the Christian Leaders Alliance. To enroll in the New Life Card program, click the link below:

Christian Leaders Institute

The Christian Leaders Institute provides free online ministry training and education programs to raise up revival leaders – leaders who will be used of the Lord to inspire others.


Peacefire provides resources and training to help people change the way they respond to conflict.

Donate To The New Life Card:

When a New Life Card applicant qualifies for a New Life Card, there is a $100 processing fee. This fee can be paid by the cardholder or a sponsoring ministry/individual. You can sponsor one or more New Life Card scholarships with your generous donation.