Meaningful employment is one of the keys to restoration. Employers who recognize the New Life Card send a message to New Life Card holders that they believe in restoration!

How to obtain a new life card

To obtain a New Life Card, applicants must complete an online orientation class to become a student at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). The orientation course is followed by Restorative Justice 101: Restoring Relationships, Transforming Justice (“RJ101”). This online class encourages students to re-engage with society by restoring damaged relationships. Practical steps like making amends and seeking forgiveness are explored.

After successful completion of RJ101, students can pursue additional free academic training at CLI, including the opportunity to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry or Christian enterprise at Christian Leaders College.

After competing RJ101, applicants submit a written paper and three personal recommendations in support of their commitment to restoration. If the recommendations are accepted, the student receives a New Life Card. The New Life Card connects students with employers willing to help them restore their standing as a citizen.

Members of the New Life Card Employer Directory agree to accept New Life Card holders as applicants for open positions at their company. Employers maintain complete discretion over their hiring decisions.

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