New Life Card Benefits

If you have a criminal record, you know the struggles of a harmed reputation in our communities. Your options are often now limited. People often box you in as an offender. Over 19,000,000 in the USA have a criminal record, so you are not alone. If you are one of those but are leading a new life, is there a way to repair your reputation?

Christian Leaders Institute offers a generosity-supported college-level education that will allow you to apply for a New Life Card.

Benefit 1 – Helps People Look at You Differently

The New Life Card seeks to help change the way people look at you. You know you are changed, how can they know. How can employers know? How can your family members know?

The most important thing is that you are walking a New Life path in a relationship with God through Christ.

The New Life Card builds on that truth and highlights some important guideposts that help you restore your reputation in your community.  These guideposts or markers include third-party verification that you truly appear to be living a new life. You may be working with a ministry that is helping you. This ministry may be issuing a partner New Life Card.

Christian Leaders Institute has placed a verified process in place that includes these guideposts:

  • Spiritual/Character Guidepost
  • Renewed Citizen Guidepost
  • Recommendations Guidepost
  • Transparency Guidepost

Benefit 2 – Getting the New Life Card Benefits Your Identity

Only one in ten who start this process are likely to complete getting any of the New Life Cards. This process is challenging yet rewarding. You will complete college-level classes. You will gather recommendations. You will write your testimony. All these activities will help you process who you are and how people already see you a living a New Life.

Benefit 3 – Getting the New Life Card Benefits Your Leadership Skills

You are taking the initiative to improve and you need others to help you. You are taking responsibility to do classes. You are asking others to vouch for you. They see the truth about you and will be willing to help. You are doing all this to feed your dream. That is called leadership. This card will help you and your family.

Benefit 4 – Getting the New Life Card Will Help Restore Your Citizen Status

Almost everyone likes a comeback kid. Now you are a verified comeback kid. After you get your card, have your family throw a New Life Card party. Have a cookout.

Share on Facebook, Snapchat.

Benefit 5 – Getting a New Life Card Will Help You Get a Job

Share your card when you apply for a new job. Put this card on your resume. Human Resource Directors have told us that this card will be an important factor in helping you get hired.

Some businesses expressed a willingness to participate in supporting New Life Card holders. Go to the Directory page to check that out.

Benefit 6 – Getting the New Life Card Will Introduce You to College-level Training or Get You Studying at that Level Again.

You must enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and take certain classes. You might just keep going. What could happen to you if you received more education?

Benefit 7 – Getting the New Life Card Will Give You More Confidence

Keep this card with you. It will remind you that you are a new citizen. So much in life is confidence. After you complete the New Life Card process, you will notice the difference!