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New Electric
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New Electric is a full service industrial electrical contractor the at delivers top-notch electrical systems and offers around the clock rapid response support. New Electric knows what is required of a business in order to succeed, which is why we are so committed to a high quality of workmanship and going above and beyond to meet our customers needs.
What You Do?

New Electric was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. New Electric realizes that creating a healthy work environment is an essential part of their ability to succeed, which is why we are intentional about creating a work environment where employees operate with trust and integrity. New Electric is an excellent place for you to launch your career as their is a lot of opportunity for growth inside the company. If you are interested in starting a promising career and leaving the world abetter place than you found it every day, then apply at New Electric!

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6475 19 ½ Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI
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