Consider These Facts!

America now houses roughly the same number people with criminal records as it does four-year college graduates.

Nearly half of black males and almost 40 percent of white males are arrested by the age 23.

If all arrested Americans were a nation, they would be the world’s 18thlargest. Larger than Canada. Larger than France. More than three times the size of Australia.

The number of Americans with criminal records today is larger than the entire U.S. population in 1900.

 Source: Benjamin School of Law

Let’s Do Something!  Welcome to the New Life Card Website

Imagine God restoring offenders and criminals and calling them to bring renewal and revival to their homes, communities, and countries. Imagine those who have caused so much chaos, ignited wildfires of relationship breakdown, injury and even death, imagine those now being restored to ignite peace fires of amends and forgiveness! Could there be a higher plan beyond broken lives? What if there were free college classes for former offenders available? The New Life Card Website could bring hope to many former offenders!

Imagine your role. Maybe you are a renewed person and God is calling you to a new life. We welcome you to study and grow and become the citizen your family needs! Maybe you have a passion to lead as an investor or a leader to bring restoration to your community. I hope that our tools will ignite your legacy of purpose. You are making a difference!

We do not minimize the hurt and the chaos offenders have brought to their victims, their own families and themselves. But Christian Leaders Institute is passionate about restoration. We cannot force restoration. We know that! But we can offer the opportunity for restored lives.

Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables in 1862 telling the story of the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his experience of redemption and restoration. Les Misérables was produced as a 2012 film of the musical Les Miserables, starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried.  There is a powerful scene where Jean Valjean encounters forgiveness for the first time. The Bishop, an agent of God, models God’s generous offer of forgiveness bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. Watch this scene.

Les Miserables (2012)“>Buy this movie on Amazon

Jean Valjean goes on to ignite restoration to become an honest man in his time and his circumstances. He uses the gifts of gold articles from the Bishop to become a businessman who even saves the daughter of a dying prostitute. He raises her as his own daughter. He does not leave that path of redemption even when severely tested. The musical ends with Jean Valjean dying, seeing the Bishop on his way to the garden of the Lord.  He joins the redeemed in rest.

This story is not a perfect example because the justice system in France at that time was filled with flagrant injustices. Rules of parole and probation must be followed faithfully. We like this story because of the heartfelt change of Jean Valjean.

Christian Leaders Institute is committed to bringing Biblically inspired faith-based higher education and training to those God is restoring from chaos or offense. We believe that an education is like those gold articles! An education will change the course of the life of an “honest man”.

The New Life Card Website Features a partnership with the Christian Leaders Institute

Endorsement and Encouragement by the Michigan Department of Corrections: The staff of the Michigan Department of Corrections envisioned a program like this for those on parole or on probation. The Michigan Department of Corrections envisioned this program as an option for judges, parole boards, and other justice authorities to offer this study program opportunity as a condition of probation. Christian Leaders Institute saw this as an opportunity to help.

Free Scholarship Class: A free getting started class that establishes whether someone is ready for college-level study. No high school degree is required for admittance. If someone finishes this class, they show they have the motivation and ability to take more training at CLI.

Restorative Justice 101 – Completion of the scholarship class ushers someone into Restorative Justice 101. This class is produced by Christian attorney and president Brian DeCook. Restorative Justice 101 gives laser beam focus on the topic of offense and how to launch into a peace-filled restored life for the individual and as much as possible in every relationship. This class addresses the need for previous relationships to be restored.

More Restorative Justice Classes: A growing number of courses specializing in restorative justice topics. These courses will come online as funding continues to grow in this exciting program.

Restorative Justice Ministry Training: Some may be called to utilize Christian Leaders Institute training to help in local prison or re-entry ministry. CLI will offer a program of study in this area of kingdom ministry.

More Courses of Study and Award Levels: Over 180 credit hours of high-quality free classes are offered at Christian Leaders Institute. Often those coming out of the criminal justice system have little resources. Credentials, awards, certificates, diplomas, and degrees are available in Ministry, Marketplace Ministry, Christian Enterprise, and Christian Philosophy. New courses of study will be added as more funding comes forward.

Certified Offical Awards: Some students need and want their awards certified and official. There are small donation fees for these certified awards.

International Directory: The public is interested to see the progress of those who are involved in the Restorative Justice Program. Their progress can be accessed in the Restorative Justice Directory that will be featured on this site as courses of study are completed.

New Life Card – Restored leaders may need and want to complete a formal process of restoring their reputations in their communities by going through specialized classes and activities, which include verified recommendations and accountabilities. This credential will have to be verified and renewed yearly. The card and status recognize restoration and recommend this leader as one who is attempting to contribute as a restored citizen. (There is a donation fee for this option).

Ordination Options: For those needing ordination options, Christian Leaders Institute has a sister organization named Christian Leaders Alliance that guides a process for local deacon minister ordination. Check this out for more details. (There are donation fees for this option).

Shared Stories: This Ignite Restoration site will share blogs and stories of those restored to inspire others to be like Jean Valjean. Christian Leaders Institute has already been blessed with many who have been redeemed and are studying ministry at CLI. We will feature some of these stories as well.