Christian Leaders Institute will be issuing New Life Cards between June 15-July 15, 2018.


If you have a criminal record, and you are a changed person of faith, and you want help restoring your reputation, the New Life Card may be of interest to you. The New Life Card suggests that you are a renewed “comeback kid!” While it is impossible to completely guarantee a renewed life, there are clear guideposts that indicate renewal.

Christian Leaders Institute has organized and formalized a process that certifies important restoration guideposts:


This guidepost deals with their spiritual connection to God. The CLI study curriculum guides them commit their lives to Christ and begin or renew a vibrant walk with God.


Listed below are the study programs required for each New Life Card edition: This college-level training will give justice individuals confidence to do well!

New Life Card – Yellow (3 credits) 

Study Program: Connection Award (3 Credits)

  • Restoring Relationships – Transforming Justice (3 Credits)
    • Restorative Justice 101 – Restoring Relationships – Transforming Justice:  This is the first course in the Restorative Justice track. When someone is convicted of breaking the law, they have actually offended the public. This public offense is a broken relationship. This course teaches how to restore not only the “public offended relationship,” but many other relationships as well.

New Life Card – Green (9 Credits)

Study Progam: Justice Christian Basics Award (9 Credits)

  • Restoring Relationships – Transforming Justice (3 Credits)
  • People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)
    • People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)

      This course discusses people intelligence for life and ministry. This class will help you identify common principles for effective communication and how to improve your effectiveness. This course also will help you minister to people better as you learn to hear what they are really saying. This course is designed for you to learn how to express your love in ways that people will understand.

  • Christian Basics (3 Credits)
    • Christian Basics (3 Credits)

      This foundational ministry training course focuses on some of the most basic truths in God’s Word, the Bible, for guiding Christian belief and behavior. Students will learn these truths, find where they are taught in Scripture, and grow in their ability to state Christian truths clearly and briefly to others.

      Total (9 Credits)

New Life Card – Blue (16 Credits)

Study Program: Restored Life Award (16 Credits)

  • Restoring Relationships – Transforming Justice (3 Credits)
  • Ministry 101 (4 Credits)
    • Ministry 101 – Ministry Connections (4 Credits)

      Students who desire to take the Ministry Track will finish the Christian Leaders Institute: Getting Started Course (1 Credit) first, then they will take this Ministry 101 – Ministry Connections Course. This course will explore your calling to ministry and your walk with God. Some attention will be made to deepening your introduction to Christian Leaders Institute. This class will be a core class for most programs at Christian Leaders Insititute.

  • Christian Basics (3 Credits)
  • People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)
  • Enterprise 101 (3 Credits) or Life Skills (3 Credits)
    • Enterprise 101 (3 Credits)

      Christian Leaders Enterprise 101 deals with your own personal habits for creating enterprise for your own personal, marriage, and family life. The principles and practices in this class will go a long way to lay of foundation your entire life and ministry.

      Total (16 Credits)


The renewed citizen guidepost indicts that the students or graduates are launching in a positive way after their conviction or offense.


The New Life Card requires that the restorative justice student receive three recommendations including the names and emails of those who have observed the restored individual.

Spiritual/Character Recommendation comes from a ministry official, such as a pastor, priest, chaplain or Deacon minister or elder. This Christian Leader may not be involved with a justice ministry but observes their life in the faith community.

Renewed Citizen recommendation come from leaders in Restorative Justice Community. These are leaders that work with justice individuals on a regular basis.  These leaders could be government sanctioned, such a parole officer, judge, social worker, etc. These leaders could have a ministry that specializes in restoring citizens.

Renewed Citizen Recommenders are familiar with whether a being restored individual is in good standing with the law.

Relational Recommendation is a personal recommendation, which must be from the spouse if the restorative justice individual is married. Otherwise, it must be from someone related to or close to the restored individual such as a family member or close friend. The key issue he is the being restored individual showing that he/she is living a new life now.


The New Life Class expects a high level of transparency. Students must write their testimony, including details of how they became capable of creating such chaos in their relationships and their communities.


While these guideposts are not completely fool-proof, they do represent significant confirmation of a renewed life and a repairing of reputation.

Students who complete the New Life Card Course and are awarded this card will be included in an updated international directory. The directory will feature their educational accomplishments and their testimonies.


New Life Card Service Class (0 Credit)

This class confirms that all reputation guideposts are in place. A first-time set fee is $150. Each new card or the yearly renewal after the first calendar year is $100.  Renewal of the New Life Card must be made every 12 months for it to stay active. For instance, if someone gets a card in November 2018, their card would need to be renewed in November 2019. If someone gets a card in March 2019, their card needs to be renewed in March 2020. You will be placed in the renewal class that fits your card status. We strongly believe the renewal of the New Life Card every 12 months will ensure better credibility for our New Life cardholders.

There will be a donation fee for the official card because, while the course of study is largely automated, this card will need staff involvement and verification. This will also be a yearly renewal so that cardholders are verified in their good standings.

Set Up Fee for Card $150 (Completion of the New Life Card Class)

Yearly Renewal $100 (Completion of the Yearly Renewal of the New Life Card Process)