M Industries LLC

M Industries LLC
Short Description
M-Industries LLC is a people centric company is quality workmanship and customer service is priority number one. M-Industries LLC is reinventing the container venting industry by offering products that are superior in quality and performance at lower prices than similar products in the market. At M-Industries LLC providing top quality products and caring for the people you work with and serve is more important than profit.
What You Do?

M-Industries LLC was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. M-Industries is a West Michigan based company that provides excellent services to it's customers. At M-Industries LLC employees are cared for and treated with respect. M-Industries accepts New Life Cards and is excited that you are looking to take your next steps towards living a meaningful and successful life.

Phone Number
(616) 682-4642
6352 Fulton Street
Ada, MI
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