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Ajax Spring & Manufacturing Company
Address: 700 Ajax Drive, Madison Heights, MI
Short Description: Ajax Spring is widely regarded as one of the leading metal stamping companies in the Metro Detroit area. As a team of highly skilled and accomplished Tool Design and Manufacturing Professionals, our ability to produce short and high volume production runs, utilizing the latest technology in Tool & Die Engineering will ensure that our customer’s expectations are always exceeded.
What You Do? :

Ajax Spring & Manufacturing Company was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. At Ajax we are always looking for driven and innovative people who are able to make a positive influence on our company. If you are looking for a place that respects it’s employees and wants to see them succeed, then consider applying at Ajax Spring & Manufacturing company!

Phone Number: 248-588-5700
State: Michigan
Harder & Warner Nursery and Garden Center
Address: 6464 Broadmoor Ave SE
Caledonia MI
Short Description: At Harder & Warner we offer full garden and landscaping services. From the flower shop to the landscape design and construction process, we’ve got it. We sell flowers, build patios, construct gardens, retaining walls, and place waterfalls. Not only do we provide excellent service, but we pride ourselves above all else in our friendly and knowledgable team!
What You Do? :

Harder & Warner was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. At Harder & Warner we are always looking for employees who have a desire to work hard, professionally, and to meet the satisfaction of the customer. If you work well in teams, are looking to perform rewarding work in fresh air, and willing to learn, than apply at Harder & Warner Nursery and Garden Center!

Phone Number: 616 698 6910
State: Michigan
JAC Products
Address: 225 S Industrial Dr, Saline, MI
Short Description: JAC Products designs, engineers, and manufactures products for a wide variety of needs. JAC Products is leading supplier for roof carrier systems in the automotive industry and is always striving to be the best innovator of functional exterior and interior trim products with unmatched value.
What You Do? :

JAC Products was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. JAC Products is looking for employees who are creative, hard working, and team oriented. JAC Products believes an essential element of their success lies in their promise to treat employees, customers, suppliers, and investors just as they would like to be treated. So if you’re looking for a job that could launch your career, JAC’s products could be the place for you.

Phone Number: (734) 944-8844
State: Michigan
M Industries LLC
Address: 6352 Fulton Street
Ada, MI
Short Description: M-Industries LLC is a people centric company is quality workmanship and customer service is priority number one. M-Industries LLC is reinventing the container venting industry by offering products that are superior in quality and performance at lower prices than similar products in the market. At M-Industries LLC providing top quality products and caring for the people you work with and serve is more important than profit.
What You Do? :

M-Industries LLC was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. M-Industries is a West Michigan based company that provides excellent services to it’s customers. At M-Industries LLC employees are cared for and treated with respect. M-Industries accepts New Life Cards and is excited that you are looking to take your next steps towards living a meaningful and successful life.

Phone Number: (616) 682-4642
State: Michigan
Shiloh Corporation
Address: 880 Steel Drive
Valley City, OH
Short Description: Shiloh Industries, Inc. is a global innovative solutions provider focusing on lightweighting technologies that provide environmental and safety benefits to the mobility market. At Shiloh our products are designed to add the required strength where necessary, while reducing material weight only where required. At Shiloh we care about delivering top quality service to our customers and know that our employees are vital in the fulfillment of this goal.
What You Do? :

Shiloh Corporation was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. At Shiloh we know our people are our DNA. We are always looking for innovative, curious, driven, and passionate people who are committed to finding the right answers and helping people become their best. Regardless of what roll you play in Shiloh’s organization, you will be respected, rewarded, and challenged to become your best. If you are looking to work for a company that wants to see you succeed, then Shiloh is the place for you!

Phone Number: 330-558-2600
State: Ohio
SSW Holding Company, Inc
Address: 902 N Rowe St # 1, Ludington, MI
Short Description: SSW Holding Company was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of the Michigan Talent Investment Agency. SSW provides engineered components to the food preservation, cooking and home comfort industries. SSW believes that true value begins by being dedicated to understanding the needs of the customer and then designing practical products to solve that need.
What You Do? :

SSW was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. SSW is looking for employees who are creative, work hard, and have a passion for problem solving. Working at SSW will give you an opportunity to grow and develop your career in friendly, team oriented, and customer focused environment.

Phone Number: (231) 843-3416
State: Michigan
Zeeland Lumber & Supply
Address: 146 E. Washington, Zeeland, MI
Short Description: Zeeland Lumber & Supply has been serving customers since 1947. Zeeland Lumber supplies framing, exterior, and interior products, and strives to bring value added solutions to their clients by offering truss and wall panel component manufacturing as well as turnkey solutions. Zeeland Lumber is driven by their passion for making a difference in the communities they serve in. Their tagline, Build.Trust., speaks to their commitment to credibility for their customers and the industry they serve.
What You Do? :

Zeeland Lumber operates with 6 core values in mind: Service, Excellence, Career-Long Learning, Community, Financial Success, Integrity, and Honoring God. These values are lived out every day in the way customers are treated and teams interact. Zeeland Lumber is looking for employees who are also committed to these core values and can’t wait to see where your career at Zeeland Lumber leads you!

Phone Number: 888.772.2119
State: Michigan