Shiloh Corporation

Shiloh Corporation
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Shiloh Industries, Inc. is a global innovative solutions provider focusing on lightweighting technologies that provide environmental and safety benefits to the mobility market. At Shiloh our products are designed to add the required strength where necessary, while reducing material weight only where required. At Shiloh we care about delivering top quality service to our customers and know that our employees are vital in the fulfillment of this goal.
What You Do?

Shiloh Corporation was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. At Shiloh we know our people are our DNA. We are always looking for innovative, curious, driven, and passionate people who are committed to finding the right answers and helping people become their best. Regardless of what roll you play in Shiloh's organization, you will be respected, rewarded, and challenged to become your best. If you are looking to work for a company that wants to see you succeed, then Shiloh is the place for you!

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880 Steel Drive
Valley City, OH
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