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All Gutter Systems
Address: 2737 Kentwood Ave Grandville, MI
Short Description: All Gutter Systems has been serving the Grand Rapids area by offering gutter, gutter protection, and other specialty services for the past 25 years. Over these 25 years, All Gutter Services has developed a reputation of doing great work and having excellent customer service.
What You Do? :

All Gutter Systems was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. All Gutter systesms knows the importance of satisfying their customer. That’s why the people at All Gutter Systems strive to uphold the highest standard of conduct and will never leave a customer until they are completely satisfied. All Gutter Systems wants to deliver the best service possible, which is why they hire and train full time employees. If you are interested in starting a career with All Gutter Systems, follow the link and apply today!

Phone Number: 616-532-2200
State: Michigan
CAP’s Nursery and Landscape LLC
Address: 6500 Lansing Ave.
Jackson, MI
Short Description: CAP’s Nursery and Landscaping is a family owned Nursery & Landscaping Center that is dedicated to transforming ordinary, under-used outdoor spaces into elegant landscapes suited for our customers lifestyle. We understand that landscapes are more than plants and pavers – it is a place where our customers make memories that last a lifetime.
What You Do? :

CAP’s Nursery and Landscape was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. CAP’s is a family owned ad operated company and considers it’s employees a part of that family too. At CAP’s we’re aways looking for high integrity, hard working people to join their team. Our family owned company respects our employees much like family. We believe your family matters as well. As a result, we rarely work weekends and schedules are set to ensure you are able to spend time with your family.

Phone Number: 517-936-5975
State: Michigan
Easling Construction Company
Address: 5711 N. Manitou Trail W.
P.O. Box 744
Leland, MI
Short Description: Easling Construction pride’s themselves on offering the most unique construction project in Northern Michigan. Easling has over 40 years of construction experience in the following fields: residential, commercial, remodeling & restoration, cabinetry & custom trim, and complete maintenance services. At Easling, our goal is to offer our clients personal attention in a professional manner.
What You Do? :

Easling Construction was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of the Michigan Talent Investment Agency. Easling Construction is always looking for individuals with a willingness to learn, a desire to work, and an attention to detail who are able to make a positive contribution to our team. If this is you, then please consider joining our family!

Phone Number: 231-256-9891
State: Michigan
Evergreen Maintenance, LLC
Address: 108 N. Maple Rd. #545
Saline, MI

Short Description: Evergreen Maintenance is a full service company that offers lawn mowing, light landscaping, and leaf clean up during the warmer months. When it gets cold outside Evergreen is still there offering snow plowing, sidewalk sweeping, and pavement salting.
What You Do? :

Evergreen Maintenance was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. Evergreen was founded with the intention of putting the customers satisfaction first. In order to to succeed at their mission, Evergreen Maintenance is looking for employees with an eye for detail who are friendly, hardworking, work well with others, and want to satisfy the customer.

Phone Number: 734-677-1677
State: Michigan
Harder & Warner Nursery and Garden Center
Address: 6464 Broadmoor Ave SE
Caledonia MI
Short Description: At Harder & Warner we offer full garden and landscaping services. From the flower shop to the landscape design and construction process, we’ve got it. We sell flowers, build patios, construct gardens, retaining walls, and place waterfalls. Not only do we provide excellent service, but we pride ourselves above all else in our friendly and knowledgable team!
What You Do? :

Harder & Warner was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. At Harder & Warner we are always looking for employees who have a desire to work hard, professionally, and to meet the satisfaction of the customer. If you work well in teams, are looking to perform rewarding work in fresh air, and willing to learn, than apply at Harder & Warner Nursery and Garden Center!

Phone Number: 616 698 6910
State: Michigan
Indiana Galvanizing LLC.
Address: 51702 Lovejoy Dr
Short Description: As the premier hot-dip galvanizer, we provide turnkey hot-dip galvanizing services to our customers. Our projects range from stadiums to high profile highway projects. When it comes to service, we know that our clients expect nothing but the best from us. This is why we continuously strive to be leaders in this industry.
What You Do? :

Indiana Galvanizing was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency.We have employment opportunities in a number fields and are always looking for employees who will have a positive impact on our organization. If you are interested in a hands-on position, are good at working with others, and willing to learn than Indiana Galvanizing is the place for you!

Phone Number: 574 822 9102
State: Indiana
JD Metalworks
Address: JD Metalworks, Inc
635 Industrial Dr
Clare, MI
Short Description: JD Metalworks is a comprehensive metalwork service provider that performs custom fabrication, production manufacturing, welding, machining, engineering, and finishing.
What You Do? :

JD Metalworks was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. JD Metalworks prides themselves on creating a safe and progressive work place and are offering more than just welding jobs. JD’s is always looking for talented welders, machinists, fabricators, assemblers, painters, and laborers. If you are interested in working for JD Metalworks, go to the employment opportunities under the career tab of their website and fill out an application today.

Phone Number: 989-386-3231
State: Michigan
Miller Pipeline
Address: P.O. Box 34141
8850 Crawfordsville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46234
Short Description: Miller Pipeline has been a leader in building and maintaining America’s infrastructure for over sixty years. At Miller Pipeline we provide a comprehensive range of pipeline contracting and rehabilitation services for natural gas, liquids, water and wastewater pipelines. By sticking to our core values of safety, quality, commitment, and reputation we have been able to grow into a powerhouse within the oil and gas industry.
What You Do? :

Miller Pipeline was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. We are always looking for the right people to join our company and become part of the Miller family. We firmly believe that Miller is a company you join and a family you retire from. As part of our family we support your desire to learn, grow, and excel within this company. If you are a hard worker, committed to learning and developing your skills, and are looking for a place to launch your career, please apply to join our family.

Phone Number: 317-293-0278
State: Indiana
Mullins Asphalt
Address: 425 E.High Jackson, MI 4920
Short Description: Mullins Asphalt is creative, flexible, leading edge asphalt paving, sealcoating and maintenance companies. Mullins consistently receives excellent reviews from their customers for their great work and professional services because of the continuous commitment to their employees, customers, and towards doing the right thing.
What You Do? :

Mullins Asphalt was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. At Mullins Asphalt we recognize that we would not be where we are today with the out our employees. We recognize that all of our employees are different and bring different strengths to our company, which is why we strive to create a work environment that encourages our employees to grow individually, but also make us stronger as a whole. At Mullins Asphalt, every individual, whether an employee or a customer, has value as a human being. Thus, we treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and trust. Our motto at Mullins is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” If you are looking for a place to work that respects you and wants to see you succeed, then Mullins is the place for you!

Phone Number: 517-787-8900
State: Michigan
NWH Roof and Floor Trust Systems
Address: 16775 Industrial Parkway Lansing, MI
Short Description: NWH Roof & Floor Truss Systems is a leader in truss equipment that can upgrade and repair current equipment to make it look brand new again. NWH Roof and Floor Trust Systems offers inspections, installations, tear outs, and also provides full service and parts for all equipment needs.
What You Do? :

NWH Roof and Floor Trust Systems was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of the Michigan Talent Investment Agency. NWH is looking for employees that are committed to providing the same high quality service that they are known for. If you are willing to learn, work hard, and have fun NWH Roof and Floor Trust Systems wants you to join their team.

Phone Number: (517) 323-1996
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State: Michigan