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CAP’s Nursery and Landscape LLC
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Short Description
CAP's Nursery and Landscaping is a family owned Nursery & Landscaping Center that is dedicated to transforming ordinary, under-used outdoor spaces into elegant landscapes suited for our customers lifestyle. We understand that landscapes are more than plants and pavers – it is a place where our customers make memories that last a lifetime.
What You Do?

CAP's Nursery and Landscape was nominated for this directory by the MDOC with the help of Michigan Talent Investment Agency. CAP's is a family owned ad operated company and considers it's employees a part of that family too. At CAP's we're aways looking for high integrity, hard working people to join their team. Our family owned company respects our employees much like family. We believe your family matters as well. As a result, we rarely work weekends and schedules are set to ensure you are able to spend time with your family.

Phone Number
6500 Lansing Ave.
Jackson, MI