New Life Card Holders

New Life Card is a third-party reputation tool for former offenders, employers, and the community.  The Card gives evidence that former offenders are repairing their damaged reputation. New Life Card holders complete college-level training, receive three recommendations, and must also share their personal story, including their past trouble and how God has turned them around.  The New Life Card process is guided by the Christian Leaders Institute. 

While no one can guarantee a changed life, the New Life Card does communicate the efforts of justice individuals to live a new life and repair their reputations.



Connected employers in our directory have been personally contacted by Christian Leaders Institute have been included in our directory. They know about the New Life Card and are aware of its benefits.


Nominated Employers are known to hire those with a criminal record. Nominated Employers have hiring practices that are favorable to ex-offenders and felons. When you apply mention that you hold the New Life Card. The HR department may have never heard of it. Send them to this web address,

They will be able to look you up as a New Life Cardholder. This Employer who is already friendly to the concept of hiring justice individuals will appreciate the referral.

Realistic Expectations:

Most of the companies included in our directory have hiring practices that are favorable for former offenders. Some will only hire New Life Cardholders.

Justice Individuals Expectations:

1. Just because you have the New Life Card does not mean you will automatically be hired. There are several factors that go into whether you are hired. Are you a fit? Do your gifts fit positions. Have you had a successful interview?  The New Life Card just helps you get considered and shows evidence that you are a changed person.

2. Not every job will be available to every New Life Cardholder.  The nature of the type of conviction is usually considered for every position filled. Ask about open positions and the nature of your past offenses.

3. Make sure your resume and appearance are strong. The New Life Card cannot undo a typo-filled resume and a sloppy appearance.

Remember, the New Life Card is not a silver bullet. This Card is there to help you gain confidence as you take your place as a confident citizen of your country.