Christian Leaders Institute and Peacefire call on ministries who have a significant restorative justice footprint to issue New Life Cards to serve their local communities.

What ministries can participate?

We offer this opportunity to Restorative Justice ministries that:

  • Are registered with non-profit status in good standing.
  • Have a constituted board of directors.
  • Willing to contribute to the sustainability of the New Life Card Program.

How do you apply to be a New Life Card Partner?

Apply by registering your ministry as a New Life Card Partner. This will start the process to become a New Life Card Provider.

What is the yearly cost of participation?
No Registration Fees for 2019. All Partners who register in 2019 will receive 10 New Life Card Scholarships (a $1000 value!)

After 2019, there is a $200 application fee to become a New Life Card Ministry Partner and a $200 annual renewal fee. Save the application fee by becoming a Partner in 2019.

The 10 scholarships you receive with your free registration will empower your ministry to sponsor 10 New Life Card applicants seeking to restore their connection to society. We welcome you to partner with us in providing education and employment connections to people who need our help

How does it work?

Your ministry can promote the New Life Card on your website. Potential New Life Card members can also locate your ministry in our Ministry Partner Directory. Begin your application by creating a provider listing. A New Life Card Representative will follow up with your application.

What are the Benefits?

1. Your ministry will be listed in the New Life Card Directory as a New Life Card Provider.

2. You will be able to track the number of Cards you have placed in the hands of Justice Individuals.

3. You will have the educational tools of CLI serving you as you launch restored citizens.

4. Providers will become stakeholders in the development of more resources and programs.

Christian Leaders Institute

The Christian Leaders Institute provides free online ministry training and education programs to raise up revival leaders – leaders who will be used of the Lord to inspire others.


Peacefire provides resources and training to help people change the way they respond to conflict.

Donate The To New Life Card:

When a New Life Card applicant qualifies for a New Life Card, there is a $100 processing fee. This fee can be paid by the cardholder or a sponsoring ministry/individual. You can sponsor one or more New Life Card scholarships with your generous donation.